Field Xpert SMT70

Field Xpert SMT70

The Field Xpert SMT70 tablet PC for device configuration enables mobile plant asset management in hazardous and non-hazardous areas. It is suitable for commissioning and maintenance staff to manage field instruments with a digital communication interface and to record progress. 


PROTEGO Application Examples - Flame Arresters and Valves

Explosion and environmental protection during processing, storage and transport of inflammable liquids and gases, in particular covering:

  • Chemical/Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Oil and Refining Industry
  • H2 Systems
  • Transport Systems
  • Wastewater, Biogas and Landfill Systems
  • Cryogenic Storage Tanks

Integrating Fire and Gas Safety with Process Control Systems

If a fire or gas leak is detected in an industrial facility, prescriptive actions must be taken by the fire and gas safety system, as well as the process control system to mitigate and control the hazard. Using a certified, documented fire and gas safety system that can communicate appropriate messages to the process control system during an event is vital to the safety of a facility and its inhabitants. But, specifying and integrating these two systems is no simple matter.