Agar Corporation Multi-phase Flow Meters Used to Optimize Oil Well Testing and Production

Anderson Greenwood Instrument Valves Valve Manifolds, Gauge Valves, Hand Valves

DET-TRONICS Flame and Gas Detection, Video Surveillance

Electrolab Float Level Sensors

Endress+Hauser Liquid Analysis: pH, ORP, Conductivity, Oxygen, Chlorine, Turbidity, Process Photometers, TOC, COD, SAC Analyzers, Nutrient Analyzers, Metal Analyzers, Flow: Magmeter, Vortex, Ultrasonic, Coriolis, Thermal Mass, dP, Level: Free Space Radar, Guided Wave Radar, Ultrasonic, Nuclear Vibrating Tuning Frok, Capacitance, Pressure: Differential, Gauge, Absolute, Temperature: Transmitters, Thermometers, Switches

Fluenta Ultrasonic Flare Gas Flow Meters

Moore Industries Signal Interface Products, Signal Conditioners, Temperature Transmitters, Hart Interface, Distributed I/O, Functional Safety/IEC 61508 Products

Sierra Instruments Thermal Mass Flowmeters, Vortex Mass Flowmeters, Thermal Flow Switches, Ultrasonic Flowmeters

SOR Pressure Transmitters; Pressure, Temperature, Flow and Vacuum Switches; Dump Valves; Automatic Samplers; Magnetic Level Indicators; Pressure Reducing Regulators

Ayyeka Low cost, battery powered, remote monitoring solution with no software to purchase or maintain

FreeWave Serial Data Radios, Etherent Wireless Radios, Wireless I/O Radios

Schneider Electric TRSS ClearSCADA-Host Software, Trio Radios, SCADAPack-RTU/PLC/rPAC, SCADASense Flow + Pressure, Accutech Wireless Transmitters,Rod Pump Control

Ametek Process Instruments Analyzers: O2/Combustibles, Moisture, Gases Containing Sulfur, Dew Point, Gas Density UV&IR Process Analyzers, CEM's, Process Mass Spec, TDLAS

Chemtrac Particle Counters, Steaming Current Monitors, Chlorine, UV254

Entech Design Media Expansion, Monitoring Sludge Blanket Level

Flo-Pac Automatic and manual balancing valves, hook-up components, flow meter fittings. (New Mexico only)

FlowServe Valtek-Globe and Eccentric Rotary Plug Control Valves Kammer-Low Flow Severe Service Control Valves

Master Flo Choke Valves, Specialty Control Valves, Supporting Actuation

Stream-Flo ESD valves, Safety and Self-Contained Hydraulic Actuation Systems

Streamflo Crown-Judd Swing, Piston, Wafer, Nozel and Actuated Check Valves, API6A, 6D and Q1

Biffi Electric, High Pressure Direct Gas

Flowserve Logix Digital Positioners

MORIN Pneumatic and Hydraulic Actuators, Ductile iron/stainless and all stainless scotch yoke design

Farris ASME Sect. I and Sect. VII Direct Spring Operated and Pilot Operated Relief Valves

Protego Deflagration and Detonation Flame Arrestors. In-line & End of Line. Low Pressure Tank Vents and Blanketing Regulators

VRC Protx VRC Protx is a process safety, automation and instrumentation service provider: Factory Trained and Certified Technicians Complete Machine Shop and Field Service Capabilities Instrument, Analyzer and Gas Detection Calibration ASME/National Board Authorized Safety Valve Assembly and Repair Critical Service Valve Actuation, Repair and Parts

Shafer Biffi Emerson's Actuation Technologies business has selected VRC Protx as a Local Service Provider with factory trained engineers and certified technicians to support the market leading valve actuation brands inducing Bettis, BIFFI, Morin and Shafer in the Pipeline markets. As the BIFFI ICON Assembler & Modification Center for North America, VRC Prtox technicians build, test, commission and repair electric actuators in all process and energy markets as a single-source provider of field proven reliable and safe valve automation systems.

AXH Air Coolers Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers

Bruest Catalytic Heaters Catalytic Heaters and Enclosures, Freeze Protections, Instrument Heating, Area Heat

Koch Heat Transfer - Brown Fintube Twisted tube technology, hair pin heat exchangers, tank heaters. Represented only in Montana and North Dakota.

Fired Heater Refinery and Gas Processing Fired Heaters, Replacement Convection Sections, Re-tubes, Wast Heat Recovery