Agar Corporation Multi-phase Flow Meters Used to Optimize Oil Well Testing and Production

Anderson Greenwood Instrument Valves Valve Manifolds, Guage Valves, Hand Valves

DET-TRONICS Flame and Gas Detection, Video Surveillance

Electrolab Float Level Sensors

Endress+Hauser Liquid Analysis: pH, ORP, Conductivity, Oxygen, Chlorine, Turbidity, Process Photometers, TOC, COD, SAC Analyzers, Nutrient Analyzers, Metal Analyzers, Flow: Magmeter, Vortex, Ultrasonic, Coriolis, Thermal Mass, dP, Level: Free Space Radar, Guided Wave Radar, Ultrasonic, Nuclear Vibrating Tuning Frok, Capacitance, Pressure: Differential, Guage, Absolute, Temperature: Transmitters, Thermometers, Switches

Fluenta Ultrasonic Flare Gas Flow Meters

Moore Industries Signal Interface Products, Signal Conditioners, Temperature Transmitters, Hart Interface, Distributed I/O, Functional Safety/IEC 61508 Products

Sierra Instruments Thermal Mass Flowmeters, Vortex Mass Flowmeters, Thermal Flow Switches, Ultrasonic Flowmeters

SOR Pressure Transmitters; Pressure, Temperature, Flow and Vacuum Switches; Dump Valves; Automatic Samplers; Magnetic Level Indicators; Pressure Reducing Regulators

FreeWave Serial Data Radios, Etherent Wireless Radios, Wireless I/O Radios

Primus Wind Power Portable Wind Power Turbines, Air Breeze Turbine, Air 30 Turbine and Air 40

Schneider Electric TRSS ClearSCADA-Host Software, Trio Radios, SCADAPack-RTU/PLC/rPAC, SCADASense Flow + Pressure, Accutech Wireless Transmitters,Rod Pump Control

Ametek Process Instruments Analyzers: O2/Combustibles, Moisture, Gases Containing Sulfur, Dew Point, Gas Density UV&IR Process Analyzers, CEM's, Process Mass Spec, TDLAS

Chemtrac Particle Counters, Steaming Current Monitors, Chlorine, UV254

Entech Design Media Expansion, Monitoring Sludge Blanket Level

Flo-Pac Automatic and manual balancing valves, hook-up components, flow meter fittings. (New Mexico only)

FlowServe Valtek-Globe and Eccentric Rotary Plug Control Valves Kammer-Low Flow Severe Service Control Valves

Master Flo Choke Valves, Specialty Control Valves, Supporting Actuation

Stream-Flo ESD valves, Safety and Self-Contained Hydraulic Actuation Systems

Streamflo Crown-Judd Swing, Piston, Wafer, Nozel and Actuated Check Valves, API6A, 6D and Q1

Biffi Electric, High Pressure Direct Gas

Flowserve Logix Digital Positioners

Farris ASME Sect. I and Sect. VII Direct Spring Operated and Pilot Operated Relief Valves

Protego Deflagration and Detonation Flame Arrestors. In-line & End of Line. Low Pressure Tank Vents and Blanketing Regulators

VRC Protx VRC Protx is a process safety, automation and instrumentation service provider: Factory Trained and Certified Technicians Complete Machine Shop and Field Service Capabilities Instrument, Analyzer and Gas Detection Calibration ASME/National Board Authorized Safety Valve Assembly and Repair Critical Service Valve Actuation, Repair and Parts

AXH Air Coolers Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers

Bruest Catalytic Heaters Catalytic Heaters and Enclosures, Freeze Protections, Instrument Heating, Area Heat

Koch Heat Transfer - Brown Fintube Twisted tube technology, hair pin heat exchangers, tank heaters. Represented only in Montana and North Dakota.

Fired Heater Refinery and Gas Processing Fired Heaters, Replacement Convection Sections, Re-tubes, Wast Heat Recovery